Works Unit


Two main Section constitute this Units Viz:

  • Water Supply
  • Road Maintenance
    • Water Supply section is responsible for water productions and distribution, which cover plumbing works and maintenance of water production equipment. The maintenance of plumbing fittings follow the pattern already described under building unit in which request from other offices are received, treated and confirmed by the user.

    For borehole equipment and general pipe reticulation, pipe networks are inspected on regular basis and warn out pipes are replaced as deemed necessary.

    Water supply on Campus wide had been through boreholes located at different locations on the Campus. The borehole water are supported in some cases with deep well which are constructed in some schools. The water from the wells and boreholes are reticulated to storage facilities located very close to the well points. In addition, water is distributed through Tankers, which load at 3 different loading points to other locations within the Campus.

    This Section has affected water supply within the campus positively over the years.

    The Road Maintenance covers road Patch in Laterite earth materials and Asphalt Pavement, maintenance of parks, and desilting of road surfaces, culverts, drainages and general environmental sanitation works.