Works Unit


The operation and maintenance of the university vehicles are done by this unit.This unit comprises of Three sections:

  • Transport Section
  • Mechanical Section
  • Auto Electrical Section
  • Panel-beating and Welding Section
    • Transport Section : is responsible for overseeing the activities of drivers who are allocated to drive University vehicles. Monitoring of the drivers and keeping record relating to journeys, movement of vehicles. Logbooks are maintained in each of the University vehicles for providing information related to journey made, kilometer coverage, date of journey and other useful information. The Record of vehicles that involves registration of new ones and maintenance of register of vehicle and regular checking of vehicles particulars (Insurance Certificate, Vehicle Licenses) for renewal when due are in the purview of this section. Conducting of practical interviews for intending University drivers.
    • Mechanical Unit : Mechanical Section services the departmental vehicles and vehicles from other departments of the University.The section carried out repairs ranging from minor to major on vehicle both directly and through external sources.Servicing and repair directly follow process already described in treating work requisition form.When external vendors are involved, quotations are obtained based on identified defects and estimates from staff of the section and recommendations are made to the Vice Chancellor for approval. Such vehicles are subsequently taken to the external vendor who carries out the repair and upon completion the checklist of defects are used to confirm satisfactory completion by both the workshop Staff and the user Department. The completion Certificate/Payment Certificate are then forwarded for the approval of the Vice-Chancellor.Several vehicles of the University were serviced and repaired successfully in the past years. within the period under review.
    • Auto-electrical Section : This section carried out repairs on all auto-electrical system in vehicles and plants. It also services barriers and charged new batteries to vehicles and plants. In the recent past, the section had worked on various vehicles, rectified faults and charged batteries.All works done are satisfactorily carried out.
    • Panel-beating and Welding Section : This section was newly formed to carry out minor repairs on vehicles doors, welding of leaked silencer pipe and beat out minor dents. Vehicles like the University Ambulances and some Deans’ official cars were handled during the period.