Works Unit


This unit is responsible for power generation, transmission and distribution which involve operation and maintenance of Power Station and All Installations therein, Control Panels, Generators. RMU Transformers including High Tension Lines.Most of the above stated schedules have been handled directly by the staff in the past except for complex installation works that are executed through external hands, even at that, the unit supervised and monitored execution of such jobs.

The unit operates 24 hours on daily basis to ensure steady power supply on campus.Power is supply to the Campus through 33KV-dedicated line from Transmission Station Fanibi, Akure Road, which was commissioned in April 2016.

There are Generators located at the Power House and other isolated locations to serve as back up when there is interruption on the public supplies.The performances of this unit over the past year were applaudable as they always respond quickly as possible to problems that fell within the internal control.