Works Unit



The Works and Services Department was created from the inception of the University in 1982 to see to the provision and maintenance of University properties including infrastructural facilities and equipment, which would improve life within the Campus.

The Department is headed by the Director of Works who is responsible to the Vice Chancellor on issue relating to provision, operations and maintenance of facilities on Campus.

The Director of Works coordinates the activities of the units in the Directorate. The activities are closely linked with that of the Physical Planning who supervise all new construction works and handed over such to the Directorate for proper maintenance. The Directorate has to the best of her ability responded positively to the maintenance need of this ever expanding facilities on campus.


The various activities of the Unit are grouped under Six Units Viz:

  • Office of the Director of Works (Administrative)
  • Building
  • Electrical
  • Mechanical
  • Power Supply
  • Civil (Road and Water Supply)

    The Director is the head of the Directorate and coordinates the affairs of all the other Technical Units and he is directly responsible to the Vice Chancellor for the administration of the Directorate. All requests from various segments of the University are processed in this office of the Director where requisition for maintenance and other jobs are treated and assigned to officers through the Unit Heads who most often carry out inspection and prepare estimate of the needed materials for jobs. The estimate which are subsequently vetted and confirmed to be in order before being forwarded to management for approval. Upon securing approval, the materials are procured and such jobs are executed in conjunction with the Internal Audit and the user who confirm the executed job to his satisfaction at the end of the exercise.
    The Secretariat at the Directorate office carryout word processing, filling, dispatch of document as well as tiding up of the offices.
    The Director of Works is a member of various Statutory and Ad-hoc Committees of the University which include, Accreditation, A& PC Administrative and Professional,
    A&PC Junior Staff, Board of Survey, Management Tender Board, University Housing Allocation Committee, Strategic Planning, Ceremonial, Staff School Management Board, University Health Management Board and Management Advisory Committee.